Funding the Wall: The Battle to Secure Our Borders

As caravan after caravan of migrants headed to our borders to enter the country illegally or take advantage of loopholes in United States immigration laws to apply for asylum without merit, then slip into hiding when released pending a hearing, Congress has gone to great lengths to obstruct President Trump’s efforts to build a wall to prevent the almost effortless illegal crossings at our southern borders. When Congress refused President Trump’s request for funding the wall, he declared a national emergency. These articles address the battle surrounding the declaration of a national emergency.

Despite protests in Congress that a crisis at our borders is nonexistent, the following articles show otherwise:

Democrats and some Republicans in Congress fought against the President’s declaration of a national Emergency.

However, the opposition was not able to override the President’s veto.

  • After losing in Congress, the opposition will now take its fight to the courts.
  • The veto stands and barring courts’ intervention, funding for the wall will go forward.

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