The Real Danger to America

Much has been virtuously expressed by members of Congress about the alleged danger of President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to fund a border wall desperately needed by the nation. Their perception of danger is misplaced. The real danger to the nation is this Congress.

Our porous borders have been a national security risk years before President Trump took office because they allow anyone, friend or foe, to enter our country at will. Criminals deported by ICE can re-enter this country through our southern border as if it were a revolving door. How can any reasonable person not perceive this to be a national security risk? Yet Congress has not done anything significant to end this risk by securing our southern border. In my blog post, A Little Clarity on the Immigration Issue , I show how laws passed by Congress not only encourage illegal immigration and clog our courts, but they practically destroy our asylum system, making it unavailable to those who actually need it. Yet this Congress has done nothing to correct these laws and close the loopholes as caravan after caravan of illegal aliens approach our southern border. This Congress has done nothing to end sanctuary city/state policies that defy the rule of law and allow dangerous criminals to be set free in our nation. They have done nothing to close our borders to drug smugglers, cartels and human traffickers who are flooding our nation with deadly drugs and more through our open borders.

Instead they have mocked, ridiculed, and fought against the President in his efforts to pursue national security by bringing entry into our country through our southern border under U.S. control.

The danger is not that President Trump declared a national emergency to secure a border wall. The danger is that he had to. The real danger is a Congress that is using and abusing its powers to pursue its Progressive agenda and self preservation in disregard of national security, national interests and the safety and security of the citizens they were elected to represent.

Stacy Edwards
News & Information Clarity 

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